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Affordable Moving Company understands that life can get hectic, however when you plan a move it can get completely overwhelming. That is where Affordable Moving Services can help take the stress out of your next move. We offer packing services that will help relieve time and stress from your next move. Our packing experts will help organize your packing so that we keep each rooms’ contents together and safely packed. Our packing services in St. Augustine, FL are ideal for homeowners, warehouses or businesses. We provide exceptional service for our customers because we pay attention to the finest of details. When you call Affordable Moving Company for a quote, we will arrive on time and do a detailed inventory of all the items needed to be packed and moved. During any move long distance or local, your items need to be packed securely and safely. These items could possibly be handled by multiple teams of movers and riding in a truck during the commute. We make sure everything we pack is well cushioned inside the box. Our team will make sure that every box is filled to the top and nothing is loose. Containers inside boxes should be sealed taking into account that your boxes could be turned on their side or even upside down at some point during this move. Homeowners should keep all personal documents on them and make sure that they are not left to be packed. You will probably need your drivers license, social security and birth certificate with you. You may also need documents such as recent bank statements, tax returns and pay stubs so do not leave them out to be packed.

Affordable Packing Services

Every item in your home needs to be packed separately, and some will require more care than others. For example, you might have items of glass, such as bottles, or vases or art deco items, and they need special care when packed.
At “Affordable” moving services companies we provide almost everything you need. We will pack, load, unload, and unpack your belongings, keeping you from having to deal with all the hassle of moving. Packing is done by our professionals who used to dealing with all kinds of property, which means that your chances of your items getting to their new home safer are high. Hiring professionals moving company like an Affordable moving company can also save you a lot of time, and potential injuries.

Our Packing Service Include:

Arranging boxes based on importance: As considerate and customer friendly as we are, we try all our best to organize boxes on a “first thing first impressively” basis. We intentionally and cautiously leave out unique items out for individual boxes so as to relieve you from any subsequent stress. Things like the electronic appliances, kitchen utensils, and basic foodstuffs need to be assessed first sometime after the delivery is done. Thus our expert packing team arrange them in a separate and secure container for easy access and stress-free deciphering of packed loads. Also, we save our customers one other stress of sorting out items for each room later in the day after that long and tiring journey. We make sure each room has its things packed differently in separate boxes such that the microwave would not be in the same box with the cozy pillow, a shovel wouldn’t be packed with your dinner gown! Ridiculous isn’t it? As rough as the road may be, we assure you of a fully cushioned container for each item as a standard shock absorber. You get to land with your loads safely.  We use our expertise to set your priorities: As excited as you might have been for a week before the moving date, we wouldn’t forget to sort your priorities for you. Advisably, we won’t let your certificate and other relevant documents be left behind or squeezed among some dusty loads somewhere. We would make sure you handle the documents in a separate package or pack up the material before any other load so as not to leave any important thing behind. Importantly, we use our expertise to recommend the right stuff to go with you on a trip to your new location and the ones you don’t need because we know more than you think you know about that place.  We offer the best for less: In a bid to allowing some extra funds for basic procurement of upholsteries, we have considerably reduced the costs of our basic moving charges. We don’t want you to lose almost all your incomes to relocating your stuff with no cash at hand. Therefore, we expertly pack your stuff for $99 with two professionals in charge and a suitable truck.  We move your stuff with experience.  Approximately, people relocate at most twelve times in a lifetime, yours might not even have been up to five times since your first. Your lack of experience may be a major issue, but we’ve got your back, we have the experience, we’ve traveled far and near, interstate, local and long distance in the state of Florida, stressful and otherwise, we know what packing, moving and unpacking is all about. Cast all your worries on us, and we are aware the right time to pack, the good things to pack, the right place to wrap them and the best truck that fits your stuff, worry less about their safety, we set them in well-cushioned boxes as well as a convenient seat for you too!
We also thrive to be on top of our game when it comes to exclusively delivering customers’ furniture, professionally moving customers’ belongings locally and widely, we also assist and take charge of load storage and unloading as the case may be.

Organizing boxes as we pack them

This is a great time-saver; we especially recommend organizing boxes for Day One Items that you will want to begin using immediately once you arrive at your home. This could include basic pots/pans, plates, everyday clothes, or other belongings; it’s up to your discretion. It’s also important to label boxes which contain fragile belongings. We recommend grouping them together in “specialty boxes” which should be marked to indicate the care that is required when moving those items. You can organize the rest of your boxes by the rooms their contents belong in, or however else you think will speed up your move. Just make sure that you mark the boxes accordingly.

Kitchen Packing Services

Our kitchen packing service is the best: Every rational human being believes in doing the first thing first. So do we. At Affordable Moving Service, we pay attention to every detail in your moving list. Generally, after the long journey and the stressful “lifting and droppings,” we understand that you are new in the environment and might not know where the community store is, the next thing is to regain that evaporating energy. We are humans too, and we suggest the next stop is the kitchen! Thus, we seriously advise our customers to sort out the kitchen stuff separately and provide packing materials like; tape for binding up boxes after packaging, blankets, and towels for wrapping up sharp and breakable objects, large sized papers or newspapers for wrapping up kitchen utensils before placing carefully in boxes. Boxes of varied sizes for aftermath packing of the utensils, bright colored markers or writing objects that can quickly appear on boxes to inscribe the names of the packed items for easy sorting, and bubble wrap for packing up fragile items like ceramics and glass materials. Pay attention to the steps to take while packing the kitchen stuff with us.  When you are moving into a new house, packing a kitchen properly is a necessity, as there are so many sharp and delicate objects that need to be safely packed. You simply can’t leave sharp knives, plates and cups lying around. Packing a kitchen also requires many packing items such as tape, blankets, towels etc.

Things used in Kitchen Packing:

  • Towels can be used to pack appliances that can easily break.
  • Colored markers are used to label all the kitchen boxes so that you know where everything came from.
  • Bubble wrap can be used to pack fragile items such as glass plates, cups and wine glasses.
  • Small and medium sized boxes to keep all the kitchen appliances and miscellaneous items.
  • Tape is used for taping up all the boxes and anything that is wrapped.
  • Paper or newspapers are used to wrap all the kitchen items before putting them in the boxes.

When you are packing up your kitchen, there are so many small things that need to be packed carefully. Here is a simple step to step process for packing your kitchen:

  • Appliances – We advise that you separate your kitchen electronic or manual appliances and carefully place them in, probably their original box or any available, secure box. Also clean and dry up all instruments before packing them and separate the fragile ones using bubble wrap to pack them, ensure to disconnect or disassemble every movable part for easy placement into the boxes. Don’t forget to place the heavy stuff first before arranging the light and fragile ones on top.  When packing a kitchen, there are so many appliances that need to be packed separately. You can use their original boxes and packaging if you still have them or you can use medium sized boxes instead. Make sure that all kitchen appliances are clean and dry before packing. If the appliances have lots of parts connected to each other, take them apart and then pack them separately. Wrap up all the fragile pieces in bubble wrap, and then surround them with newspapers as a double layer for safety. Once all wrapped up, put the heaviest pieces of the appliances in the box first, and then add the smaller pieces on top.
  • Dinnerware – Due to the delicate and fragile nature of dishes, you would need to get some amounts of papers and bubble wrap then lay them carefully on two to three dishes at the interval before placing the next on top so as not to end up shattering your dinnerware.  Layer the boxes with bubble wrap or packing paper on the bottom and then start wrapping each piece of dinnerware with the same packing paper and add them to the box. Add some bubble wrap or paper in between every 2 to 3 dishes so that they don’t clash against each other and break.
  • Pots and Pans – Ridiculously, no pots and pans, no kitchen. These must be treated with utmost care so as not to be stranded in your new environment. You have to either place them in their original boxes or you find any suitable and empty box. Don’t try to fix in any other item with them due to their weight which is already sufficient for the box.
  • Silverware – Because silverware must be kept in a clean state always. We suggest that you get a new roll of tissue paper to wrap them up neatly and after that use a rubber band or any other available binding material to bind them compactly before placing then in a neat and portable box or a clear shoe box which could later be put into a larger box.The most important kitchen items are the pans and pots. You can either pack them in their original boxes that they came in, or find boxes that are big enough to pack them individually. Make sure you don’t add anything else in the boxes with the pots and pans as they are already heavy items and could break the box.  Wrap up your silverware in packing paper with a rubber band and put them in shoe boxes. Keep your silverware away from any other fragile items.
  • Food – You might have a lot of foods eaten till your last day in that apartment, but while packing, you might discover that some are already not palatable and should, therefore, be disposed of immediately so as not to contaminate the good ones and any other delicate kinds of stuff you might be moving. Also, sort out your food based on their nature- perishable and nonperishable. Keep the perishable ones in a box or a freezer bag that can preserve, help their lifespan and won’t spoil them before getting to your destination.  Taking cognizance of the “advice” above, you will eventually find this moving the best you have experienced. It has always been and will once again be fun and satisfactory allowing us to do this moving.  When packing a kitchen, this is a great time to get rid of old food items that nobody has been eating. Pack the foods that won’t expire soon or won’t go rotten during the moving process. You can pack the food in tote bags and freezer bags when shifting.

If you are in need of professional packing services, call Affordable Moving Company in St. Augustine, FL today! We offer the areas most comprehensive moving & packing services around.  Call today!  (904) 685-1679

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