When it comes to dealing with office moving, it is worth making sure to put this work in the hands of proven specialists, who guarantee you an excellent job and facilitate the procedure in every way possible. That’s what you get if you come to Affordable Moving Company. We are a company endorsed over years of activity in office moving, throughout which we have not stopped perfecting the attention we give to companies when it comes to office moving to a new location.
If you put your office moving in the hands of the team of Affordable Moving Company, you will enjoy the tranquility provided by a team of technicians with qualification, experience, and commitment. We carry out the packing and transport tasks more carefully, using quality tools and tools, so you do not have to worry about anything; in the shortest time possible you will be able to have all your resources to the new site. Thus, we contribute to the transition between offices is completely fluid, minimizing the disruption of business activity. We do it with the competitive prices that characterize us.

We understand specifically the needs of an office moving and we try to meet the particular requirements that our clients indicate to us. In this regard, we have incorporated some specific additional services to make things easier for our customers. Among these we can highlight:

Destruction of documents and other elements:
For example, we do not only take care of a tool of work and documentary repository as important as are the computer equipment, but we also take care to put at your disposal specific solutions for the treatment of the files in paper as always. Because we know that often its volume causes problems.
Sometimes companies find themselves with huge quantities of materials that are no longer of any use to them and which they prefer to get rid of. We can handle the destruction of documentary files with full confidentiality, as well as computer equipment. Also, we offer you comfortable solutions so you do not have to worry about other surplus materials of wood, iron, plastic
The changes applied to the business environment must respond to a series of particularities and requirements that we have in Affordable Moving Company more than present, given our baggage in the sector of the changes and also when assuming this type of work for our professional clients. If something characterizes us is the will to offer comprehensive services, that respond to the needs of the user and that understand those specific characteristics of the areas in which we move. That’s why we take the measures that facilitate you to tackle the transportation of the most important resources with calm, enjoying agile and versatile solutions.

Transfers of computer equipment

In the context of an office transfer or seat of any company, Affordable Moving Company guarantees, in particular, an adequate and specific work in an aspect of as important importance as the transport of computer equipment. We collect them, we pack them carefully and with materials designed for their optimal protection, and we take care of moving them in conditions of full security to deliver them with all their parts and peripherals intact where the activity of your entity is going to proceed from now on. In all our services it is clear the capacity to assume the transport of the most delicate and demanding materials, deploying the necessary protection measures, and when we talk about computers and other electronic devices, We do not skimp on resources for full security. We fall short of the circumstances when it comes to some of the essential components for daily activity in the most diverse sectors. We pay special attention to the conditions of transport of computers and other electronic devices to ensure their arrival to the new facilities in conditions of full security. You will be able to have complete certainty in the security of your work means and all the contained data.

Customized service on technical shipments

We can handle all types of technical office moving for companies and offices. The transfer you need is completely customized to suit you. Both in the case of a partial office moving or complete office moving of your company. Previously, we carried out a complete previous study, according to the indications of the client, which allows us to carry out the transfer in a successful way.

For this, the most modern packaging and transport technologies are used to guarantee the safety of all the components of equipment, guaranteeing that the valuable information contained in the transfer is not lost

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