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One of the most valuable assets is the furniture, especially an expensive and comfy one. They might be a little problematic while packing up other important properties before relocation, but you’ve got no choice, you wouldn’t want to leave them behind though. As diversifying as anything can be, furniture varies from one another based on location, occupation, and usage. Implying that every furniture has its peculiar form of packing and moving. We wouldn’t want to deface the décor of your home by allowing any slight damage to your furniture. Before wetting your lips with our exclusive furniture delivery services, there are few and important things you need to know about furniture and related packing, moving, delivery and unpacking. Stay tuned!

Furniture Delivery Moving Facts

• Most of the moving companies don’t charge an extra delivery fee as the well-established ones use their company trucks and vehicles thus charging for the only labor involved and the aftermath arrangement of your properties as we do at the Affordable moving company.
• Only considerate and customer friendly moving companies offer extra setup services for transferred properties- furniture especially.
• Delivery or moving companies favor but won’t tell customers outright that they always have the right time unpacking in an environment that is free from snow, ice or other natural elements that can be hazardous. A clear pathway for sorting properties-furniture into the appropriate rooms or offices, or an already prepared entrance- might warrant for the removal of substantial blockage (the doors, windows, or a rooftop opening) as the case may be.
• Most delivery companies move properties according to the features of the new apartment, for instance, special packaging is made for buildings with elevators, they pack stuff fit for the bin separately.
• Another fact about furniture delivery is that most moving companies charge walk-up or climbing fees for shipments that are to be done in building apartments beyond the third floor in the absence of a pulley or an elevator as the case may be. Because of the belief that more effort or labor is applied to this form of delivery and unpacking.
• Serious moving companies pay serious attention to the shoe removal policy as against their workers’ safety, and they prohibit the removal of safety boots of their employees during delivery for their safety.
• Accurate measurement would be done before the moving of your furniture so as to make it easier for a well-structured and planned packing of your furniture.
With these facts in mind, we keep to the customer and worker-friendly ones to deliver the best we could.

Other Things to Consider with Furniture Delivery Services

Also for the safety of the furniture being moved, we pay attention to every integral part of every type of furniture.
For the sofas, we apply absolute care to preserve the face of the leather and every cover-materials they possess from being hampered by sharp objects while packing up
Also, each glass shelves and other furniture with glass receive utmost care in order not to end up shattering the glass parts.
We also try to pack up polished furniture cautiously so as not to leave unwanted marks on the beautiful surfaces and other parts.
We make every bit of furniture move an experience for you at affordable prices, as our name implies, our services are affordable.
Trust us because we have our testimonies and we employ experienced, professional and reliable workers!

When the time comes to relocate, you have a couple of options. You can start calling friends and family to help you pack and move; however, those who agree to help you probably don’t have the skills or expertise to properly move heavy items. Someone might slip and fall while carrying furniture, or injure themselves when trying to lift heavy boxes.

The other option is to bring in professional furniture movers who can easily handle all of the items within your home. Some people think that hiring furniture movers won’t fit into their budget, but are surprised to learn that the service is actually more affordable than they expect. At St. Augustine , we provide moving services for local moves in the Florida as well as those that are more extensive.

However , we offers the following furniture packaging solutions:

• Corrugated containers and custom boxes

• Wood crates and specialty crates

• Specialized custom cushioning including blocking and bracing

• Foam-In-Place

• Commercial grade packaging for heavy office furniture

• Residential packing

• Movers wrap

• Skids and pallets

Lastly, when you hire our professional furniture movers, we can get your items moved efficiently and safely. We also ensure that you have a hassle-free experience from start to finish. Take the dread and frustration out of moving by hiring a team that can provide furniture moving services without any stress. We can also provide white-glove turnkey service that allows you to walk into your new home with the furniture carefully placed the way you want it in the proper space. Give us a call today to learn more about our services if you have a move coming up in the near future.

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